Alma Viva

Produced under the joint technical supervision of both its distinguished partners—Viña Concha y Toro and Domaine Baron Philippe de Rothschild— the inaugural vintage of Almaviva achieved immediate international success upon its launch in 1998. Made from a blend of classic Bordeaux varieties, in which Cabernet Sauvignon predominates, Almaviva is the result of a felicitous encounter between two cultures. Chile contributes its ideal climate, soil, and vineyards, while France shares its château concept, traditions, and winemaking savoir-faire. The precious final result is an exceptionally elegant and complex wine, representing the best of the Old World and the New.

The launch of Almaviva was a major milestone in the development of Chilean wines, both in Chile itself and in the international market. There is still no official classification of wines in Chile. However, the launch of Almaviva has given rise to the Primer Orden category, a Spanish term that corresponds to the French concept of Grand Cru and the English notion of estate-grown wines. A Primer Orden wine is grown in its own vineyards and bottled in the estate’s own winery, by a technical team that is dedicated exclusively to producing the best possible wine from its privileged terroir. Almaviva’s is certainly well on the way to fulfilling its creators’ original vision: to be not only one of Chile’s,