Plan your visit

Thanks for your interest in visiting Almaviva Winery. We are open every day between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. Visitors are required to book an appointment in advance, which can be scheduled Monday through Friday with the exception of National Chilean holidays.

Our tour lasts one hour, includes a private walk through the vineyards and into the estate winery where visitors will view the Vat Room, the Barrel Room and the Bottling facility concluded by a one glass tasting of the current vintage of Almaviva. Guests are invited to purchase the tour and tasting for $80 US dollars per person. Visitors below the age of 18 may join the tour at no cost. Please note: wine will not be served to minors. For any assistance, please contact us by email: or call for reservations: (56-22) 270 4200. Access Map Almaviva Winery

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